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Events & Associations

Bigwood - Geoff Bowers's Nottingham Bluegrass Site
British Bluegrass Music Association
Coastline Bluegrass Festival
Cornish Bluegrass Association
Didmarton Bluegrass Festival
East Anglian Bluegrass Festival
European World Of Bluegrass
North Wales Bluegrass Festival
Scottish BluegrassMusic Association
Sore Fingers Summer School
Surrey Mini Bluegrass Festival
Sutton Acoustic Music Club
Tunbridge Wells Folk, Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Club

Artists & Bands

Mike Compton
Bill Smarme
Mike Tatar Jnr
Rick Townend
Monroes Revenge
Great Eastern Ceilidh Company
Slim Pickings (Portsmouth)

Bluegrass and Other Acoustic

Bluegrass Lyrics
Bluegrass Country
Bluegrass Radio
UK Bluegrass - news and discussion forums
Frets Old & New

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